Trax Vol.2 The Snow bike revolution


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The Snow Bike Revolution gives you a chance to more about the new “kits” like the Snow Tech MX “Adrenaline”, Moto TraxXC” and the Crazy Mountain Xtreme’s CMX-BK” as we feature a look into how they were created and also how they in the mountain elements.

Catch up with the Yeti Snow MX team and talk about there advancements and the addition of there new team rider Bret Turcotte which a “World First’s” stunt on there setup this season.

The film not only offers a great look at the engineering that went into the kits that are on the today but also some action packed segments to show what these “kits” and athletes can do on them.

The film includes interviews and performances by Reagan Sieg, Ronnie Renner, Brock Hoyer, Bret Turcotte, Alan Mangum, Bret Blaser, Mark Hoffman, Kamron Hoffman, Jamie Hodgson, Kevin Forsyth, Zak Garret, Randy Gentry, Jaron Ball, Scott Macaben and more.

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