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Reagan Sieg is professional dirt bike rider who grew up in the mountains around Vernon, in British Columbia, Canada.

For most of his life, he has been pushing himself  and the limits associated with dirt biking and snowmobiling.

Since 2000, he has been a sponsored professional free style moto crosser. With his own portable ramps and his fmx demo shows he is able to travel extensively to share his high adrenaline passion with people all over the world.

Reagan blew up on the dirt bike scene years ago, but it wasn’t just dirt bikes he was interested in riding. After a minute in the early 2000s living in the US, he decided to move back home and do exactly what he wanted to do with his time: ride whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. And whatever he wanted, it turned out, wasn’t exactly available. Then, around the turn of the decade, the Timbersled showed up on the market. Timbersled began as a company for snowmobiles, making high-end suspension and skids for snowmobiles. As the snowbike movement began to rear its head, they used their knowledge to create something pretty amazing: a kit that fits onto nearly any dirt bike. The track and ski simply replaced the wheels… and boom, you’ve got yourself a snowbike.

One of the worst parts about snowmobiling is digging yourself out. Burying a 500 lb. machine in chest deep snow might be the shittiest thing around. But on a snowbike, everything just got a hell of a lot easier. And trees? You’re looking for them. The narrower profile makes terrain that isn’t accessible on a snowmobile free for the taking.

“It takes some seriously, seriously deep snow to slow the snowbikes down, Reagan told ESPN. “Let’s face it, when it’s getting that deep we are normally passing sledders because they are stuck and they’re buried and they are exhausted. When we get stuck we’re still only stuck for a minute or two … Half the time, you’ve just got to wiggle it a little bit and stand beside it and kind of back it out of the snow and the little hole that it dug, then you are up and on it and you’re gone.”

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